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Regarding the photos reproduced on the present website, their authors are:

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Any unauthorized use of anyone of these elements constitutes a counterfeit criminally penalized.
Any authorized use must be made in the respect of copyright, in particular with mention of the author of the reproduced work.

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The company SOTHYS USA, Inc. establishes the necessary  contents and applications in order to offer you the information an /or available verified tools, but shall not be held responsible in the case of errors, lack of availability of information and/or the presence of a virus on their web site.
The company SOTHYS USA, Inc. does not expressly nor tacitly assure and /or offer any guaranty regarding all their web site or any part of it.
In no case SOTHYS USA, Inc. can be held responsible of any direct or indirect damage, for any reason, origin, nature and consequence whatsoever, leading from the access to the web site or coming from the impossibility to have access, as well as to the use of the site.

Applications and modifications of the present conditions

The present conditions of access to the web site and its use, are recognized to be accepted by all visitors who link to the web site subsequently to their connection.
We inform you that the present conditions can be changed at any moment. These changes are indicated by the publication on line and are thus accepted in the same conditions than chose mentioned herewith.

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