Legend of Sothys

Sothys, the brilliant and precious star shone brightly throughout the skies, grasping the awe of people on clear blue nights. She was the most beautiful and luminous star of them all. Her unique distinction, unlike the other stars, captured the admiration and fascination of all men.

Sothys' beauty surpassed all immortal beauty. Yes, even more beautiful than the Goddess Venus.

The great God, Saturn, during his course of celestial adventures, discovered the innocent and precious star. Marveled by her appearance, he was entrapped by her passion and madly enveloped with her unique beauty.

Venus, Saturn's lover, filled with fires of jealousy and out of vengeance destroyed the delicate and innocent star. For many centuries, the Universe was deprived of the luminous star. The saddened Saturn, torn with grief, filled the lands with his tears of sorrow for many days. Legend says that it then rained for 40 days and 40 nights.

And so, in response to Saturn's beloved loss, the brilliant Sothys returned as a new star reigning over the Universe. Her gentle rays sweep over the lands and heavens radiating her beauty and magnetism to all women and men over the world .. Forever..

It is the name that the Sothys group boasts today, evoking eternal beauty and radiance. Faithful to its mythical muse, the Sothys group passionately dedicates itself to beauty.

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