Prestige Care


When Science Awakens the Senses

This exclusive sensorial global anti-aging range features delicate textures and age-reversal solutions that will slow the effects of time… perhaps even turn back the clock.

The secrets of youth have been discovered!  These formulas of the future, the perfect alchemy between pleasure and science, contain the secrets of youth… a secret between skin and Sothys.

La Crème 128

The most sublime cream for the most precious secret.

This cream is rich in exceptional active ingredients and contains the most precious secret, the appearance of youthful skin.. An exclusive duo of Sothys rose stem cells and Precious porcelain flower oil: a genuine architect for beauty to preserve the foundations of young skin and re-establish skin integrity. Its voluptuous and subtly perfumed texture captivates the skin through the most delicious of beauty rituals

Global Anti-Age De-Stressing Cream

This global, anti-age, destressing cream incorporates a delicate fragrance and silky texture for optimal application comfort. It contains a multitude of active ingredients that work to restructure the skin, reduce skin stress and protect the skin's cells, while actively working as an anti-wrinkle, firming, moisturizing and anti-pollution formula.

Global Anti-Age De-Stressing Serum

A divine texture containing the secrets of youth…this triple action time fighter optimizes cellular nutrition to boost cellular activity, reinforce the skin’s defenses and activate cellular renewal. The skin is rejuvenated and the complexion regains radiance.

Secrets Eye Contour Serum

An intensive, total anti-wrinkle formula to treat puffy eyes, dark circles and wrinkles.  Its innovative texture penetrates quickly, leaving the skin fresh, nourished and radiant.

Secrets Intense Lip Care

An active cream to protect, smooth, plump and shape the lip contour. Its active ingredients include Maxilip® and vegetable Aquafix®, which delivers cross-linked plant proteins deep into the upper and middle epidermis layers for optimum efficacy.

Secrets Eau de Parfum

The unforgettable and delicate fragrance of Secrets de Sothys exudes a radiant aura by day and a glamorous mystique by night.

Secrets de sothys facial treatment

When science awakens the senses, you have discovered our unique sensorial anti-aging treatment. Experience the soft caressing feel of our cleanser, the satiny smooth touch of the facial massage cream or the “angora-like” texture of our anti wrinkle serum. It is as if we wrapped your skin in velvet, silk and cashmere. Your skin is reborn and transformed with a new radiance.

Secrets de sothys body treatment

Allow a magical atmosphere to embrace you with candlelight, relaxing music and sensuous fragrance … a protective cocoon where time is suspended. Your sensory experience begins with a precious oil infused with the delicate Secrets de Sothys fragrance and our exclusive massage technique. This hour of pleasurable indulgence will leave you totally relaxed with the radiance of a deeply nourished and satin-smooth skin.

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