Discover the Sothys slimming & firming collection that offers a customized solution to targeting cellulite and skin that has lost elasticity: 4 homecare products to provide a customized solution for every BODY. Proven results.

Enhancer Body Serum

This intensive slimming serum reduces the dimpled appearance of cellulite within two weeks. Key ingredient caffeine is used in two complementary ways to enhance fat-burning. Highest available concentration of 8% vectorized caffeine provides quick and targeted delivery. Caffeine in its free form works in synergy with other actives to boost the lipolytic effect. Contains an exclusive complex  to trigger the fat elimination process and increase efficacy of the overall slimming and firming program. A 14 day treatment, use one tube per day, morning and evening.

Essential Body Care

The Essential Body Care takes action with its highly potent caffeine content to fight the appearance of cellulite with a smoothing effect. Its contents feature 8.9% of high-potency caffeine that promotes lipolysis to help eliminate cellulite by burning fatty acids that have built up in the fat cells. The formula also includes green coffee extract which slows lipogenesis to help block fatty acids from entering the fat cells. Apply with gentle smoothing strokes to the body area to be treated with just a once daily application.

Reshaping Cream

Designed for post-pregnancy and post weight-loss body concerns. Active ingredients Sacred Lotus Extract and Soy Extract reinforce collagen and elastin, reduce fat storage and prevent future storage, reduce swelling and minimize the appearance of cellulite.Apply morning and evening to the stomach, waist, thighs and arms.

Firming Body Cream

Firms, smoothes and nourishes skin for a more toned appearance. A firming complex containing protein-rich Pumpkin and flavanoid-rich Black Crowberry Juice and Rutin Salt reduces and prevents the appearance of stretch marks. Prickly Pear acts as a natural exfoliant to boost cell turnover and smooth skin while fatty acid-packed Shea Butter nourishes, moisturizes and restores suppleness to skin.  Apply to the body morning and evening, paying particular attention to slackened skin and stretch marks. Can also be used to firm the décolleté. 

Hydra-Nourishing Body Lotion

A nourishing and hydrating experience for the entire body. Chlorelline (algae) remineralizes and improves skin radiance. White lupin improves the skin’s protection while shea butter nourishes and increases suppleness.

Velvet Hand Cream

A light and fresh cream that leaves hands soft and protected.  Vitamins A, E and F help strengthen fragile nails.

Post-Depilatory Softening Care

Slows down the process of body hair re-growth, reduces the size of hairs and prevents hair from growing under the skin. The plant and marine post-depilatory complex slows hair growth by inhibiting the effect of hormones related to hair growth. Apply after waxing morning and night for 5 consecutive days, then once a day until the next hair removal session.

Slimming & Firming Treatments

Every woman’s body is different, so when it comes to slimming and firming options, Sothys introduces a Slimming & Firming Program to offer clients a customized solution to targeting cellulite and skin that has lost elasticity. At the beginning of each appointment, the Sothys spa professional will perform a client diagnosis in order to recommend a personalized program incorporating three new Slimming & Firming spa treatments. Designed to perfectly complement one another, these spa programs contain cosmeceutical patented active ingredients combined with Sothys’ exclusive techniques to deliver targeted results.

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