Specific Concern


[W]™+ Brightening Program is a hydroquinone-free line.

[W.]™+ is the answer to treat hyperpigmentation due to sun-damage, aging, chloasma, melasma and acne scarring. The program will even out the skin tone and reveal a more luminous and brighter complexion.

[W.]™+Brightening Double Action Serum

2-in-1 Brightening solution + Peeling. A brightening solution (white pump = AM) to target dark spots and give the skin a global brightening effect, for exceptonal results. Plus a peeling combination with fruit acids (grey pump = PM) gently exfoliates, evens skin tone, refines the skin texture and stimulates cell renewal.

[W.]™+ Cleansing Cream

This cleansing cream provides immediate radiance and brightens the complexion while gently removing makeup and eliminates impurities. Leaves the skin radiant and luminous.

[W.]™+ Brightening Fluid

The daily use of this fluid will reveal visibly younger looking skin and a brighter complexion, day after day, thanks to an anti-aging illuminating agent extracted for St Paul wort and Sigesbeckia orientalis. Moreover, the skin will be protected, stronger and healthier thanks to the H2CR® complex for overall healthier skin.

[W.]™+ Preparative Lotion

Upgrade your daily cleansing routine with this Preparative Lotion to replace your usual toner. It will reduce hyperpigmentation as it increases the skin’s natural exfoliation while hydrating and soothing thanks to the prickly pear extract.  

[W.]™+ Brightening Mask

Brighten the complexion and increase the radiance with this comforting and soothing mask enriched with water lily flower. Skin instantly awakens. It is brighter, softer and comfortable.

[W.]™+ Brightening Serum with Pure Vitamin C

An antidote to pigmentation concerns or lack luster skin, complimented by absolute moments of well-being. Unveil a flawless and luminous complexion.

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